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Boothbay Harbor Whale Watching

See these impressive giants along the coast of Maine.

Unforgettable Whale Sightings

Every year, the waters of Maine — teeming with plankton, fish, copepods, and more — become the feeding grounds of many species of whales. This creates unique opportunities to spot these enormous creatures just off the coast.

Embark on a Boothbay Harbor whale watching tour and experience unforgettable whale sightings!


Spot Whales, Puffins & More

Whale season is a special time of year along the coast of Maine. These giant marine mammals feed and frolic in the local waters, spouting water and breaching the surface to the delight of everyone who sees them. Starting in mid-April, you can see humpback whales, pilot whales, finback whales, and minke whales in the area. We also have occasional sightings of sei whales, sperm whales, right whales, and even orcas.

Set out with an expert captain and local marine biologists for a scenic tour of Boothbay Harbor, seeing the surrounding islands, lighthouses, and the lobster boats hard at work as you search for whales. You can also enjoy sightings of other wildlife, including dolphins, seals, sharks, and seabirds. If you’re a wildlife lover, you can’t miss a whale and puffin combo tour, cruising to Eastern Egg Rock to see the island’s bustling population of charming puffins.

Seeing whales and other wildlife is a memorable experience for all ages. Everyone in the family is sure to enjoy this adventure. Browse our Boothbay Harbor whale watching tours and book online today!

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