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Providence Food Tours

Sample the best food in Rhode Island.

Get a Taste of Rhode Island

Get a taste of Rhode Island on a Providence food tour and become an honorary citizen of the Ocean State! From Federal Hill and Wayland Square to the Providence River, come sample some of Rhode Island’s most famous foods.

Cider doughnuts, clam stuffies, Del’s lemonade… you never know what you’ll find on a culinary adventure around Providence. Even Rhode Island natives can learn something new on these Providence food tours.


Taste the Ocean State

Rhode Island sure loves its food, especially the more unique concoctions that originated there. A few of the state’s most well known foodie favorites are clam cakes, Rhode Island clam chowder, coffee milk, pizza strips, and RI-style calamari. The list goes on and on, and it’s not all seafood. Islanders love their Italian food and fall favorites like maple syrup and cinnamon sugar doughnuts. Another popular foodie pastime that’s easily accessible from Providence is fruit picking! The state is home to many berry farms and apple orchards to help you stock up for pie-making season.

If you’re new to Rhode Island, it can be hard to know where to begin your culinary adventure. We recommend starting with a food tour! Providence locals love to invite newcomers to their favorite eateries and share tips and tidbits about the Ocean State. Shop for Italian specialities at Tony’s Colonial or enjoy an elegant dining experience at Camille’s, conveniently located in downtown Providence. You’re sure to find a new favorite dish and learn a little something about Rhode Island, too!

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